The Secret

May 2018

Always stay positive, no matter how many obstacles, you WILL overcome. 

“work in silence & let success make the noise!”

To give a everyone a bit of an update. My husband & I recently had our second son! We have paid off our debt & I have recently leased a location for Miss Monet’s Dance Studio. Renovations have been started! 

Still to work on;

Flores Foundations

Building our First Home

Beach House in Maine

Slowly yet surely we are working to completely our long term goals! 

Positive Vibes. Positive Energy.

Family.  Relationships. Health. Wealth.

May 2017

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Seeing the Future

Going into the New Year of 2017, my husband & I really wanted to stay positive, achieve our goals! About 2-3 months ago I started having these dreams, whether at night or during the day, daydream – I would see our future.. Sounds a bit crazy, I felt crazy saying it out loud to my husband but, after seeing The Secret ( recommended by a loving, wonderful friend) I know these “dreamsWILL come true! Long story short these dreams were incredible, exactly what we want – I know this will all come true if we believe & think positively! It sounds crazy but, to achieve the biggest dreams all you have to do is believethink positive & work HARD.

Wealth. Relationships. Health. 

Positive Energy

Miss Monet’s – my dance studio

Flores Foundations – hubby’s contracting company

Build our Beach House in Maine

Financial Debt $$

Buying our First Home 

Now my husband & I are still very young – 22/23. We have dreams that will become our future we are determined & we know we can achieve these goals

These 5 pictures below are our 5 Dreams – Vision Board

Believe & Think Positive