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This page is for telling stories of my life, with a Flores! I currently reside in MA with my husband & 2 little boys. The stories I tell friends & family, some days I feel like I should write a book. Some days I feel like the things that happen in my everyday life, are not only outrageous – like who would that ever happen to, but I realize these things I go through in my everyday life I am not alone. I hope you enjoy some of the stories I have to share!

December 9, 2020

Boy #3

Yes! You read right, we are expecting another boy. Statistics state that the same parents having the first 2 children of the same gender, the 3rd & 4th have a 5-10% chance of being the opposite gender. The 5th child is a 95% chance of being the opposite gender. So in other words, have 4 boys & by the 5th pregnancy it could hopefully be a girl. I have to share this because my husband & I have always wanted 2 boys & 2 girls. Well, either way we wanted 1 of each. I must say it truly made me chuckle when they said “it’s a boy” part of me already knew. With both my boys I knew, they were boys. My second son, I tried very hard to convince myself he would be a girl before ultrasound, but I knew deep down she would tell me “it’s a boy!

In all honestly, I LOVE being a boy mom! I never truly saw myself with children but, I have always loved kids. Being a dance instructor, I am around girls at least 75% of the time. With this I always figured my first child would be a girl. Nope, it was a boy. I love my boys so deeply! They may be the craziest boys I’ve ever met but, I’m glad their mine. They make life much more fun! Children in general are such a true blessing. For all my boy mom’s out there, your not alone! The dirt, the poop, the weapons, the fighting, the cuddling, the love, the smell it is all amazing & such a blessing! Cherish every single moment with your babies because one day we are going to miss all these moments. Growing up is a trap!

Mom a title just above Queen

January 1, 2020

Happy New Year!

2020 is finally here! This year we all will shine, celebrate & create.

SHINE– your light as bright as you can!

CELEBRATE– happiness, life, family, friends and yourself!

CREATE– new friendships, new memories with old friendships & family!

We have quite a bit of goals this year. Last year I decided to do a vision board (I got the idea from a friend) it is very interesting how things have worked since this seeing this board every morning when we wake up! Things to look forward to throughout the year. Things to stay positive for. Here is just a short list of our goals & somethings we would like to accomplish this year.

  • Post at least 1 blog post a month (I’ve notice, I’ve had a lot more traffic since posting on Pinterest)
  • Continue to GROW the studio
  • SELF CARE   <important^

March 12, 2019

Who says that?

As a mother, when you first found out you were expecting that little bundle of joy. Took awhile to process, but as you start to approach your due date you start to think about how you would like to raise your child. You start to think how your child might act, but we NEVER think of our response to those actions! At least, I never did. Welp, let me tell you a few things I have said to both our sons.

“No, don’t eat out the trash!”

“Don’t touch your brother’s poop!”

“Get down from top of the dresser!”

“Why did you smear poop on your brother?”

My husband & I do to prevent these things from going any further. It just makes us laugh at the end of the day, thinking of some of the things we had to our children not to do! Our first thought is “what possess them to even want to do those things in the first place?” Curiosity! These little humans are learning!

But, really must we play with our poop?

What are some things you tell your littles not to do, that you think is outrageous?

November 8, 2018


Well, in about 10 more days our 1 y.o will be turning the big TWO! I must say, we have heard all about the “terrible two’s,” however we feel our son has been going through “terrible two’s” since he turned 10 months! Turning two is a BIG thing, our boy is starting to become independent. He has perfected his fake cry. Temper tantrums when you say NO! The life of a toddler is very difficult. I must say as a parent, these difficult times, with the temper tantrums in public, the hitting & kicking, etc. However, it is also the best times, watching your little one become an independent little soul

October 3,2018

Energy in 20 Minutes! 

The other day my husband & I are watching our toddler right before bed. Within the span of 20 minutes; he managed to get stuck behind the couch, tear up the playroom. He ran around the living room yelling “Cah, Cah, Cah, Cah!” (car) Tried climbing in his brother’s jumper. Mind you this was also this was also right before going to bed. He still managed to K.O between 7:30 & 8pm.  *I  must say it is incredible the amount of energy children have! 

Could I borrow some?

September 25, 2018

    WEEEEEPPPAAAAA! My little puerto rican!

                            Tonight my husband & I laid the boys down for bed earlier than usual, due to the new show Maniac on Netflix & The Good Doctor coming back on! Well, about an hour after laying our toddler down, we hear some banging on the wall.

                              *Off Topic – The other day, I rearranged his room for this simple fact, he climbs & bangs on the wall with his feet. Our toddler has absolutely nothing in his bedroom but a dresser, that he cannot open (for now) & a bed, obviously there are curtains, bedding, etc. But, there are no toys in his room what so ever, due to the simple fact of bedtime turned into playtime until we made our third room into a playroom.

Anyway, we hear the banging on the wall, as usual we ignore it, 10 minutes after hearing the banging we hear him yell “WEEEEPPAAA!” We both look at each other & go running in his room because now we are thinking, “did he knock over the humidifier on his dresser? is he hurt? did he jump off his bed? what the hell just happened?” We go in there all in a tizzy, there is this little boy laying in his bed, watching the laptop (my child does not have a t.v in his room however, we do allow him to watch a movie every once in a while on the laptop we place in the room on a box, he cannot touch – one episode of a broken laptop)

Long story short, our toddler was & is fine. He clearly has just come in contact with his Hispanic Roots!

July 30, 2018

    Potty Training Boys! 

               A few months ago my toddler started taking off his diapers, he is not 2 yet. My husband & I decided to start putting him in pull ups. He has yet to figure out how to rip off the pull ups. We did/do not want to push him, we allow him to follow us in the bathroom when we go ourselves & show him to sit on his potty. Well, he is not a huge fan of his potty so I have thought of the seat for the toilet. Twice now he has pulled down his pull up to pee on the potty! How did your kid(s) start potty training?

June 17, 2018

Father’s Day 

We decided to go to Chunky’s for Father’s Day, we took both boys – surprisingly they both behaved. Long story short, we arrived early due to seeing the 1pm show, however NO seats were left so we saw the 2pm. Well during previews my toddler was getting antsy, I decided to play Netflix on my phone. My toddler hardly ever has our phones – far few in between! Well, I put Meet the Robinsons on, I took it back & it was still playing prior to the Incredibles 2 starting. Once I was home, I received a confirmation email from Groupon for Cape Cod Inflatable Park with a 10$ arcade pass. My toddler purchased this. Happy Father’s Day!

One thought on “Life with a Flores

  1. Catie says:

    Brantley started potty training on his little potty, I let him run around naked lol it’s easier for him to just run to his potty and sit, he pees on it at least once a day but a lot of this time we are outside or out at a store. But we started when he started taking his diapers off as well right before the age of 2.


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