Spicing It Up!

So…. I recently bought The Home Edit book – OBSESSED! Let me tell you, I use to think I was very organized until I read this book. NOPE! I’m not as organized as I thought, haha. If you haven’t bought this book, I suggest you buy it & read it! Who knew that if you organize by color (ROYGBIV) you’ll mentally, physically & emotionally will feel at one.


OK, so let me explain these pictures here! Oh my where is the hiding emoji when I need it. Well, as you can see the picture on the left is the before. That before picture, I’d love to sit here & tell you my husband stocked that cabinet but, that is a lie. It was me **insert 4 hiding emoji’s**

The spice jars I used did come with a funnel, brush, seasoning caps, label stickers & a chalk marker. Truly I did want to use my cricut for the labeling, however the way I wanted the spices displayed you would not have seen. I have thought about doing a drawer, once we start organizing the drawers who knows. I must say if you haven’t read The Home Edit I can’t recommend it enough. I know a couple people who will be receiving it this year from me for Christmas. Truly a game changer.

The wooden crates were $5 a piece from Walmart. Let’s break this down, the spice jars were $18 for 30, the crates $10 for 2. Totaling almost $40, if you know me this is more then I wanted to spend. I am very satisfied with this. You could truly buy the jars & create your own.

Share your photos of your spice cabinet or drawer.

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