DIY Santa Cam

Christmas! Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

Santa! Santa! Santa! Santa!

It’s that time of year, shouting loud for all to hear! Are you a non-elf home as well? Make your own Santa Camera Ornament for less than $15. Here are the materials you need;

  1. Remove top of ornament. Pour modge podge into ornament, moving ornament around to spread modge podge. Spread until entire ornament is white.
  2. Add glitter of your choice into ornament. (I poured about half of a small bottle of glitter into the ornament) Add top of ornament & shake until entire ornament is covered in glitter of your choice.
  3. Add your cricut decal or write “Santa Cam” using vibrant colored sharpie marker.
  4. Using E6000 glue camera lens to ornament.

Placement is all up to you. You do not have to put the lens between the words, it is your Santa Cam customize it as you please.

In our house we do not do Elf on the Shelf, I have always said if the boys come home asking for an elf or why we don’t have one I will start. As for now, I will stick this ornament on the tree & never have to move him until the tree comes down. Some other things we do is track santa & a DIY advent calendar

(I’m not good with remember each day/night)

What are some of your Christmas traditions? Do you have a Santa Cam? Do you have an Elf?

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