Anthropologie Knock Off

Have you ever shopped at Anthropologie?

No.. well, me neither.

There has been this one item I have been watching online since May 2018.

A Floral Shower Curtain!

Let me start by saying, I am not a floral type of gal. My love for flowers starts & ends at sunflowers. Well, another blogging mama got me hooked after her bathroom share. Follow her, such great inspiration – Rock N Robs. I completely fell in love with the floral look in the bathroom, thus began my hunt for floral shower curtains.

Anthropologie was one of the links that came up during my search. Hearing about how natural & organic their materials are I was instantly interested. If you clicked on the link, then you already know the price. That is not the type of gal I am! The type of gal I am, I will find it within my price range or it’s just not meant to be. Just a couple weeks ago, I’m on amazon searching for bathroom items & up pops a floral shower curtain very similar to the one from Anthropologie but, within my price range. Instantly ordered & completely satisfied.

I am in love with this & the way it looks in our bathroom. Very happy with this purchase from Amazon. I would buy this again, especially for a friend or family member as a gift. Stay tuned for more Amazon reviews to come. We have some more items on the way, we are very excited to try out.

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