I absolutely love their clothes!

First off, let me start by saying, I HATE shopping online for clothes! Well, this was my attitude about online clothing shopping until SHEIN. I used to fill my carts with at least $100 in clothing, never purchased. I get nervous about sizing, I’m a in-store try-on type girl. After I received my first purchase in the mail I placed 2 more orders within that week. I am very happy with ALL purchases! The one thing that sold me the most was the material. Very light, comfortable, durable. With my family, any material that can get stained with juice or chocolate & wash nicely with very little effort is my best friend. I have ordered twice for myself & my most recent order was for my little men. Below I will share the links of the items I received.

I cannot wait to place another order!


What draws me in even more, is the fact you get points;

  • app “check in” – log into app every day earn 1 point (click the notification on phone)
  • purchases – the more you spend the more you earn (every $49 is free shipping)
  • live video chats – watch the live video chats & comment “points”
  • contests – put together an outfit you purchased from SHEIN, take picture, upload picture to contest
  • reviews – write review about purchased items

There is such a wide selection to choose from, home decor – men’s clothing!

By the way I use the app, not the website.


“I recommend SHEIN, 5 stars”
5 Stars Black Transparent & PNG Clipart Free Download - YAWD

Women’s Clothing:


Boy’s Clothing:

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