Veggies on the side!

Pantry Update!

As you may have seen back in March I did a Pantry Update! Well recently, I have looking into pantry organization on Pinterest. Which sparked an idea! Vegetables as in potatoes, sweet potatoes & onions. Since I buy these in bulk, it is sometimes hard to store them. I strongly dislike the bags they come in, they aren’t very pleasing to the eye. Haha

For me, organization has been a big role for as long as I can remember. EVERYTHING has a place, the less the better – in my opinion. Now with children, it’s even more intense! With children, nothing is EVER in its place. Which is ok, between the time they are asleep to the time they wake up the house is spotless! I LOVE IT!

Here are a few ideas that helped guide me in this direction.

Here is our pantry update!

There is still things I would like to finish. Truly red is not the color I wanted, Dollar Tree only had red or orange no white or black. CONTAINERS from The Container Store I still need to order!

The side vegetable baskets are from Dollar Tree. $4 for 3 wire baskets and 1 hardware kit (3 screw hooks)

I would like to do another 3 on the other side for, apples, bananas, oranges.

Enjoy! I hope you like my small update!

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