Orlando, FL

We did it!

I know, you may think this is crazy..

But, we did it!

We took a road trip from Massachusetts to Florida!

…….with both our toddlers! Haha, it truly was fun!

When people think Orlando, Fl they usually think Walt Disney World! Well, at least I do.


But, not everyone wants to go to Disney.

Well, we had 2 FULL days down in FL due to our late Saturday night check-in day arrival!


Downtown Orlando was a Blast! I must say traveling with children under 3 is nice, they are FREE just about EVERYWHERE! These places I am going to name in Downtown Orlando, we only paid for ourselves.

Wonder Works




The Wheel at Icon Park


These are all within walking distance of each other & near a Friendly’s where you can park for free! Sea Life & The Wheel you can purchase a combo ticket for a very decent price!

Our First Disney Experience

Magic Kingdom in my opinion & after getting some feedback from “Disney Junkies” it has the most rides for all ages. Both toddlers, my husband & I were able all able to ride.

We went from 1pm – 10pm. With both boys, I packed a cooler full of sandwiches, snacks, juice boxes, and waters. Truthfully, the tough part out of our entire Disney Experience was lines, even if it was a 10 minute wait, for toddlers that is an hour! Because both boys are under 3, they both were free. In other words we only had to pay for ourselves $300, for 2 – 1 day park ticket. However, for anyone that has read the Las Vegas, NV blog post, you know we won this trip to Orlando, FL. Our hotel stay was free, we got a $200 VISA gift card back that we spent on Disney Tickets, paying $100 out of pocket.

We did spend $94 inside the park; $40 Pinocchio’s Village (my husband wasstarvingbought chicken parm, fries and a drink, I do not recommend) $24 (I caved, turkey leg & pretzel for hubby) $30 Buzz lightyear Bubble Blower (the ONLY souvenir we bought, it still works surprisingly) We were able to bounce around using the Disney Experience App. The shortest wait times, we went to in between FastPass times. We did a couple different FastPasses. The Magic Kingdom rides we got to do;

  1. Winnie the Pooh
  2. Stitch Meet & Greet
  3. Jungle Cruise
  4. Monster Inc. The Laugh Floor
  5. Aladdin’s Magic Carpet
  6. Mickey’s Philhar Magic
  7. Casey’s Splash Station (waterpark – we didn’t put them in bathing suits, even though we brought them in. They can get soaked, but they dried very quickly, the weather was 80!)
  8. Pirates of the Caribbean
  9. The Tiki Room

What was nice about the FastPass, we each got 3 rides (you can only use 1 at a time, the first 3. No overlapping times til after the first 3) which was more than enough. With those first 3, we did the first 2 ride passes together & then the last FastPass we did different. I went with the J in Tiki Room while my husband went on Aladdin’s Magic Carpet with Z. We went on everything together except those 2 rides.

Overall Experience

On our way back home we spent the morning at Daytona Beach! of course, had to stop at Daytona Speedway, you cannot pass it without stopping! We enjoyed our time, but we said next time we will go to Disney once the kids are much older & they can remember it. Maybe even go back sooner just the two of us & purchase a park hopper!

One tip: ANY Disney souvenirs that you would like buy OFF site Disney. There are MANY souvenir stores that are MUCH cheaper than in Disney!

The only thing I agree to is an authentic Mickey Ears Hat!

Note to self: next time we road trip anywhere better documentation & recommendations for places to eat!

One thing I would do differently with having youngsters at Disney, I would of let them sleep most of the day & go from 8pm – 12am at Magic Kingdom! Everyone starts to leave the park at 9pm so after 9pm there are no lines! One thing we would change.

Other Kid-Friendly Places in Orlando, FL

Free Things to do

  • Disney Springs
  • Universal Resort CityWalk
  • Celebration Disney
  • Big Tree Park

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