$30 Pantry Update!

What is the one thing in a kitchen you feel you must have?

Well, ours is a pantry!

We currently do not have a pantry for those certain grocery items. After watching 2 episodes of Marie Kondo I was on an organizing spree!

After staring at the only wall in our kitchen that has no cabinets, I ended up at WalMart. Of course, purchased 2 wire shelving units $11.62 each. On my way home from WalMart I stopped in Dollar Tree for a few bins & twine.

After hanging the shelves (which weren’t to difficult surprisingly) and up-cycling the Dollar Tree bins, I was getting closer to my vision!

I had a couple of storage containers from WalMart (purchased couple years ago, about $2 each) The bins I use for chips, crackers and cookies. I have been looking for a specific kind of bin for pasta (we ALWAYS have pasta in the house) finally found the ones I want on amazon, those should be arriving soon!

Still a few more things left to organize, we must say we are pleased.

Below you can see our before & after of our pantry update!

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