Just like mama use to make..

Cinnamon Sugar Chips with Fruit Salsa!

My mother use to make these delicious cinnamon sugar chips. Well, I have been dying for some & I have not had them since I was a little girl. I took it upon myself to make some the other day with a fruit salsa. If you have ever paid $6 for 2 bags of Stacy’s Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips then you know the delicious heavenly goodness I am talking about!

These chips are made out of tortillas, very simple & very easy. You can make a dip to go with the chips if you please. However, my husband & children were beyond happy eating the chips alone. I liked it with the salsa.

Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips

1 cup Butter

1/2 cup Sugar

1/2 cup Cinnamon

Package of Tortillas

Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Melt the cup of butter in the microwave, while waiting for the butter in a small bowl combine 1/2 cup of sugar with a 1/2 cup of cinnamon.

Remove melted cup of butter from the microwave & using a basting brush or a spoon. Spread butter on 1 tortilla at a time. After spreading butter, lightly sprinkle cinnamon & sugar about an inch from the edge.

I used a baking sheet that allowed me to bake 2 tortillas at once. After adding the cinnamon sugar mixture to tortilla, I would grab sides of tortilla to remove excess mixture back into mixture bowl.

Place tortilla on baking sheet & place in preheated oven. Allow tortilla(s) to bake for 10-15 minutes. They will start to rise & that is ok. Once you remove the baking sheet from the oven, using your hand or spatula, gently flatten the tortilla(s).

Allow baking sheet & tortilla(s) to cool, then cut tortilla(s) into eighths. Like cutting a pizza. Once you have cut the tortilla(s) place cut pieces (triangles) back on the baking sheet. Place baking sheet back in the oven (still set at 300 degrees) for 5-8 minutes. Remove baking sheet & allow tortilla triangles to cool.

Fruit Salsa (optional)

2 tbsp lime juice

1 cup Raspberries

1 cup Strawberries

1 cup Blackberries

1 cup Blueberries

Add each cup of fruit into a bowl. Add 2 tbsp of lime juice. Using a fork, you want to go around the bowl mushing some of the fruit. Cover & chill for 2 hours.

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