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Workout for Women

September 10 of 2018 I decided to try “Home Workouts,” figuring I hardly get to the gym as it is & I’m sick of doing the same basic workouts everyday. I recently cancelled my Planet Fitness membership, saving $19.95 every month, now. Well, I have tried looking on Pinterest & even some workouts from Shape magazines. Honestly, they didn’t remind me when to workout or sometimes show me. Over the summer of 2018 I bought a pair of dumbbells; that gives me weights at home. (Which this app does have workouts with weights)

Now I have an iPhone so, I am not sure if the app is available on androids.

Let me tell you about this app!

First off, let me start off by saying I LOVE this app. You are able to track your workouts, each time you click into a workout & complete the workout it is marked as complete, in the app. You can log your weight, as well. There are different categories to choose from for workout plans. Each workout plan gives you the level, duration, & average calories burned before even clicking into the plan. You can also sync to Apple Health!

Question: Does the app show you what to do?

Answer: yes, when you click into the workout plan you wish to do. You will see the list of workouts, click into each individual workout & watch the How To video. It is awesome to be able to watch the videos prior to starting the workout. A woman does speak throughout the workouts letting you know what each upcoming workout is. In between each workout she does tell you “rest for 10-20 seconds” she will let you know during rest & the workout when your half way & when you are all done. the best part, EVERY single workout is different!

I haven’t even told you my FAVORITE part about the app! Alarms!!!! Not sure how many alarms you can set up. I have 2 so I know you can at least do 2! The best part about the alarms, they are not silent they are loud. I truly have used this app more consistently than I have done my own home workouts or ever went to the gym! I am happy! For a mother it truly helps with my busy schedule! The best part is, it truly helps with my frugal fanny, haha. I am able to workout at home, whether in the morning or after the kids go to bed, but I am not breaking the bank doing it.

If you decide to download this app, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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