9 Pre Made Smoothies

As you have seen in the 6 Day Crock Pot Meals we were able to meal plan on a budget as well as make some pre made smoothies.

For all smoothies;

using an ice cube tray, take 1 spoonful of Greek Yogurt place in the ice cube tray & freeze for an hour.

Taking 2-3 bananas, cut into slices and place in a freezer bag – spread out throughout bag. Freeze for 2 hours.

Frozen fruits we bought;
You can choose any fruits you desire.

In sandwich size freezer bags, place 1 cup spinach or kale, 2 cubes of yogurt, 1 cup of any fruit you desire. On each bag write, add 1 cup juice, almond milk or water. (Add 2 cups of desired liquid for more of a juice)

Here are a few different recipes for smoothies!

Strawberry Banana
Pineapple Mango
Mango Strawberry
Mango Banana
Pineapple Banana Mango
Pineapple Strawberry Banana
Strawberry Banana Mango
Strawberry Pineapple
Banana Pineapple

After the Fact Though: you can also add chia seeds, flax seeds, turmeric if you desire.

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