Reindeer Food

Merry Christmas Eve!


Oats | Dried Cranberries | Glitter – any color you choose | Peanuts

Add a cup of each ingredient to a mixing bowl. Combine all ingredients, we use the entire tube of glitter. We mix the ingredients with our hands. A little messy but, nothing soap & water can’t fix. A couple times, our youngest tried to eat the mixture, but other than that. They really enjoyed making food for the reindeer. When we got home later Christmas Eve night, before the boys went to bed we sprinkled the mixture outside our steps & porch. Traditions are fun to create when you have little ones, or even just as a couple!  

We do not have a chimney, so we use the glitter for Santa to find our home. The reindeer food for the reindeer’s to eat while they wait.

A couple of things we saw this year, that we would like to try next year. Especially since our toddler is now starting to get the hang of it! 

What are some traditions you do with your

children before Santa comes? 

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