Bathroom Wordsearch

Do you bring your phone in the bathroom?

Well, I do! So does my husband. It’s the only time I am alone long enough to be on my phone, catch up on social media notifications. Lately I have been on Pinterest thinking of some new bathroom decor ideas. Reason being, I am tired of bringing my phone in. I know, I know the only time I can catch up, during the day. However, I end up in there for a whole 10 minutes. (Yeah, my toddler will bang on the door after just 2 minutes!) Anywho, I was thinking of something else, that would be distracting while in the facilities. Looking through Pinterest & I started to see word searches. That is something different. I decided to make my own in Google Docs.

Bathroom Wordsearch

There is a website you can add the words you want to be searched and it will create your word search for you. Click link below:

Word Search Website


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