Sensory Board

For a friends 2nd Birthday, I decided to make a sensory board. Keep in mind this was my first sensory board & it was 8 this morning, the party started at 2 this afternoon. For awhile I have wanted to make one for my little guy but, truly have always over thought it. After looking up multiple pins & many other ideas on sensory board, I realized it’s nothing to overthink. It truly is just about anything you want to make it. There is NO Sensory Board Rulebook!

This sensory board I made for our friend cost me $20 from WalMart. Using scrap wood from the studio, chalkboard paint & stencils I already had. I just had a few things to purchase. Locks, outlets, switches, beads & bells were what I needed. I wanted to add swatches of different pieces of material to the board but, behind little cubby doors.

(Notice my toddler trying to touch some of the items!) The materials I used, were sand paper, a straw hat & small swatch of mesh. Using the tops from wipes, (carefully removing the flip lid) placing a small piece of material behind, with glue. The painters tape was to block off a small section to add the chalk board paint. The stencils were to add his name to the top of the board.

Everything else is truly placed where you would like to place it. Along with choosing what you want to add to the board. Other boards I have seen, a cookie sheet turned around for magnetic letters & numbers. I have seen pvc piping on the boards where they add a small cup at the bottom for a ball to go through & land in the cup. I have seen small doors, that can be opened & musical instruments added to the board as well.

Whatever your heart desires to add to the board add it! There is no right or wrong answer to this board. I used E6000 glue to add everything to the board except the locks, those were screwed to the board. E6000 is truly the best type of glue, compared to super glue or a hot glue gun. In personal experience holds for long periods of time & with stand weight.

Here is the finished work!

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