Formula Drum

The Before & After




Formula Can or Coffee Can

Bag of Balloons – $1.00 Dollar Tree

Black Duct Tape – $3.98 WalMart 

*you can use any color tape you desire

E6000 Glue – $4.98 Hobby Lobby or WalMart

*may try Hot Glue Gun or Super Glue (personally not a fan of Super Glue)

img_1483.jpg1. Be sure to clean out can, wash & dry well. Metal does rust, do not leave any residue.

2. Glue lid to can, while lid is drying cut balloon. Cut balloon right at base of balloon, before the tail. 

3. Apply glue to the edge of the top of the lid of the can, place balloon (top of balloon) over lid. Smooth out glue, making sure balloon adheres to lid.

4. Use duct tape of your choice to tape bottom of can. Apply glue to side of can, where balloon ends on can. Place duct tape down bottom of can. Apply glue to can, where balloon ends for first piece of duct tape, and for last piece of duct tape placed. 

Ta Da! 

A child’s drum out of a formula can in a matter of 5 minutes. 

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