DIY Laundry Detergent

For the last 3 years, I have made my own laundry detergent. This detergent lasts 6 months to a year, compared to Tide or Purex that I spend over $20 & only lasts me 2 m onths maybe. 

20180523_092557  Ingredients;

Baking Soda – $1.99

Oxi Clean – $9.98

Fels-Naptha – $1.19

Super Washing Soda – $4.47

Mandarin Essential Oil – (already had) $4.58

20180523_092931   Using the scoop from the Oxi Clean I add 2 scoops of each ingredient (excluding the essential oil) into a jar. The Fels-Naptha does have to be grated, I grate for about 10 seconds per layer. 


 20180523_093535  Layering ingredients as shown in picture. Once all ingredients are added (excluding the essential oil) I place lid on jar & shake for a few seconds. I remove lid & add 20 drops of my chosen essential oil. After oil is added, replace jar lid & shake until finely mixed & no clumps from the oil.

 20180523_093553  Ta Da! Detergent for the next 6 months, however you still have the large containers you took from to store away for when you run out to make more. I can usually make 3-4 jars out of all the ingredients. 


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